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  • current events 2023 in the world

    Massive props to Nihongo no Baka for the original decks!.

  • But instead of paper, consider that the front and back of the card is basically a webpage.
  • nag ashwin date of birth

    Updated link for the anime decks: https://www.

  • - In the same tab set 'Show new cards before reviews' -Go into your group options and create a new group for this deck (call it whatever you want).
  • hogwarts legacy outfits

    This is an Anki deck based on iKnow’s Core 6k deck with the following improvements: All duplicates have been either removed (if they were not needed) or reworked to not be ambiguous using the hint field.

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  • beretta a400 xtreme plus issues


  • My Anki media collection (by default) is located under Documents → Anki → User Profile (=Newbie) → collection.
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    You can use those premade decks and then simply change the card template of the card.

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    From anki Japanese verbs to anki Japanese phrases and sentences, you’ll find the decks for everything.