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March 10, 2023 / Pregnancy & Childbirth. During pregnancy, your growing baby can place a lot of pressure on your bladder.
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  • Frequent urination is one of the most common early symptoms of pregnancy that starts in the first trimester, around week 4 (or the time you'd be getting your period).
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  • With my third and fourth who were big babies I full on wet myself twice in the later weeks of pregnancy while laughing and sneezing.
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  • It’s not normal to pee when you sneeze.
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    [1] Most women find they have to pee with even more frequency late in pregnancy, from about week 35 on.

  • Leukorrhea usually consists of sloughed-off dead cells and tissue.
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    During pregnancy, your vagina secretes a thin, milky-white discharge called leukorrhea.

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    sneezing ; coughing ; laughing ; exercising ; lifting something ; walking ; Sometimes urinary frequency symptoms indicate an underlying condition, such as a UTI — an infection of the urinary system.