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May 16, 2023 · This week, players will receive their first Great Vault reward of Dragonflight Season 2, leaving many players wondering just which item they should take! Raidbots can help answer that question, allowing players to evaluate the DPS value of each option in order to choose the one best suited for their current gear. 2%) Starting from the tanks because the tanks are the least impressive in the sense that we knew this was going to happen.
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  • Aberrus HOT!!! 5ppl Dungeons Raids PvP Gear Up MythicRun Bundles Leveling Farming.
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    So your end of vault run is 3 ilvl higher than heroic raid if you get normal quality loot from the clear.

  • You can get War Mode gear for Bloody Tokens at level 408 in PvP (or 366 in PvE).
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  • We've compiled all these changes to the item levels to.
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  • Evokers are a brand new Class for Dragonflight, though currently only the new Dracthyr race can choose to play as one.
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    May 18, 2023 · “Well, it’s a bit counterintuitive when 17+ give higher ilvl items but you need crests from < 16+ to upgrade them,” one player said.

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