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  • The dumper and the dumpee, both go through pain, anxiety, fear of loss, jealousy, hate, and reconsideration through different stages.
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    Even if one person in the relationship wants out and becomes the dumper, it’s rare they will not miss the person they dumped, the dumpee, at all.

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    They want to be around to “help” you.

  • They can’t sleep, they are anxious, they can’t eat and they enter a horrific depression stage.
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    May 22, 2023 · What Would Happen If TikTok Suddenly Disappeared? Last week Gov.

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  • I regretted leaving here and there, and struggled with the doubt that I wasn’t the worst person alive.
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  • I heard many saying that the dumper will usually start to miss the dumpee 2-4 months after a break-up but my break-up is the ugliest it can get and it can't get any.
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    James kidnapped Grace.

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    By the end of Missing, it's revealed to the audience that Grace never actually made it to Colombia.